I am really excited to share the following news with you. The first book that I’ve ever illustrated is complete and probably being printed as I write this blog entry! I teamed up with writer and internationally known public speaker Doug Lipp, who was the former head of corporate training at Walt Disney Studios. After one year of collaboration which includes over fifty illustrations, we are proud to present our completed book. It is published by Hickethier Press and is entitled “Stuck in the Middle Seat, Why Traveling Can Really Suck”.

This is the book’s summary (in Doug’s words): “Spending too much time on the road? Lost your luggage? Missed a flight? Sick of hotel rooms and taxi cabs? This book is for you! Join our two luckless travelers, Bob and Lucy as they experience one travel nightmare after another. Like you, they’ve been “on the road” one too many trips and never seem to catch a break. So, if you think you’re having a rough time right now, just look at them and realize things could be a lot worse! Stuck in the Middle Seat will become your welcomed oasis during a stress-filled journey.”

Sounds fun? Click here to buy it from Amazon.com. Thanks in advance for your support!