I thought in this post, it would be fun to show you a little bit of my process for a change. This is part of the process that I am most free. The sketching. After sketching a couple of options, this is the sketch I decide to stick with. As you can see, very crudely, I started out with my perspective grid, horizon line, beady eyes, arms wrapping around the poker chips, and the guy’s giant 10 gallon hat. His eyeballs are at the horizon line. Everything is in place. From this sketch, I traced it in order to get the next image…>

After tracing the sketch, I then rescan it into the computer, and print it onto watercolor paper in order to add color. (You can print this image out for yourself and add your own color. hee hee). Onto the final…>

Ta da! Here’s the final. I rescanned it into the computer so I mess around with it again. I just couldn’t get those “beady eyes” out of my mind when I painted this last image: I wanted them as the focal point. I also wanted to give it that vintage (westerny) look so I used muted colors. I then moved the guy over a little bit to add a little interest to the composition (after signing it of course). Have a good week everyone! Happy drawing!