Wierd. When I went to edit my post in “blogger.com”, I accidently hit “save draft” and everything disappeared and I couldn’t retrieve it. Does anyone in cyberspace-land know how to get my post back after “saving it as a draft” in blogger? Much appreciated. (Anyways, I will retype and repost what I had earlier. Here’s goes.)

This week’s IF word was “match”. It took a bunch of research on the web to get it all together. First, I had to research how a “sumo” wrestler looked. I found it intriguing to see how they start a match putting their 600 pounds on their tiny tippy toes like a ballerinas. Next, I had to see how their little loin clothes worked front to back. I found out they were like huge g-strings for the plus size. That was one thing I had to get in the final painting (and I did. lol.) Finally, their hairdoos. Thinking back to the latest “Star Wars” movies with Natalie Portman, I liked that so I used her ‘doo. What would an illustrator do without the internet?